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Types Of Slate Roof You Can Choose

The main function of a slate roof is to provide shelter, protect it from rain and snow, and protect it from wind and other loads. It is achieved through simple and adaptable installation techniques that have been proven successful over the centuries. In most cases, local needs or requirements may lead to the development of slating styles that may not benefit from local material supply. In other cases, the talents of a design professional, roofing contractor, or building owner are worthy of creating an excellent slate roofing Albany NY.

Standard (Uniform) Slate Roofs

Standard slate roofing systems have a standard length, width, and slate cut baskets of 1/4 ″ – 3/8. Standard ceilings are mounted on horizontal courses of uniform spacing that align with vertical joints.

Pattern slate roofs

Personal tones or banding can be created as part of the design feature of a slate roof by displaying slates with different colors or shapes in a specific design or course. For layout reasons, these designs are often included in standard slate ceilings. Accents can include floral, geometric patterns, dates, words, or names. Pattern catalogs have previously been available from some quarries and slate suppliers.

Random width slate roofs

Random width slate roofs gives the advantages of a simple slate installation, but a long and thick slate can be used in different widths. These slates are placed on courses to provide the appropriate joint offset without compromising the joint arrangement.

Multi-colored Slate Ceilings

Where there are many types of colors available, it is common to combine different color combinations to create a multi-colored slate roof. Although it is possible to have a single-sized slate roof, multi-color slate roofs are usually accomplished by random width installation.

Graduate Long Slate Ceilings

Have a Graduated Long Slate Ceiling, which requires less labor and hence less experience. Often used for high-end buildings, these roofs will give an elegant European look to the buildings.

Structural Slate Ceilings

The use of rough surface textures and thick slates, blending across one roof, creates a textured slate roof. Installation Method Different thick slates are placed next to each other, creating a hard cut shape. Because the slates are rigid and thick, the structural slate butt angles should not be irregular to acceptable measurements.

Hang-down slate roofs

Another structural variation of basic slate roof installation is the use of a long slate, where the heads are placed in the same course line or more, and their extra length overlaps the other butt line, creating a hang down.

Slate roof tiles may not be the best option for everyone, but they offer unique and attractive benefits. If well maintained, the slate roof should be the last roof you ever need to buy. If you can afford them, we recommend them in other options. However, you must understand all the benefits before making a decision.

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